Power Stations

I have gathered the most popular Power Stations so it´s easy to find and to compare different brands

You can find Jackery, Bluetti, EcoFlow, Renogy and Monstar here and you can compare the different models in the table for easy viewing. 

So what to look for? Well it depends on your need. Do you need a small handy power station that can charge your laptop on the go. 

Instead of buying a lot of adapters to charge your cameras, drones, laptops tv and other small devices with wall outlet.

Bring your small power station and just plug in 

Or do you want a power station that can power anything that you normally can plug in at home

This one from Jackery for example can even finish your washer after the grid has gone down, with output power of 2200W and 2160 Wh

A washing machine is about 500W and if the Jackery is fully charged it will power it for ca 4 hours

You can  go by brand or in what range of power you are after.

Just click on the brand or the star buttons for more information

Filter by Power
Power 1 star is he smallest and power 5 star is the highest

Power one starts with 100 Watt to about 500 Watt, power 2 is 500W to 1000W, Power 3 is 1000W, Power 4 is 1500W and power 5 is 2000W and more

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