How to get power outdoors to your electric devices


Do you have the same problem as I have with a good solution for charge my batteries and use my electric devices when I’m going for a trip

Maybe take a look at a power station?

* Portable, take it with you everywhere

* All in one unit

* Easy to use

* A lot of outlets and function

* Charge with solar panels

* No installation

Here is a guide that can help you decide how big power station you need

The appliances are listed with Min and Max Watt and will give an indication of how many watts you need and how many Wh the power station should hold for. So if you wonder how many watts appliances use, take a look at the chart below

Power Stations 230V EU Version

I have gathered the most popular Power Stations for the European market with 230V socket


You can find Renogy here

Click on the brand you want to know more about 

Solar panels and more