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Embark on your outdoor escapades with the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus Portable Power Station, your ultimate companion for limitless energy and boundless fun. Packed with innovative features and cutting-edge technology, this power station revolutionizes the way you power up your adventures.

Unveiling the First Portable Power Station with 3-Mode Camping Lights

Light up your campsite with the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus, the first portable power station equipped with versatile 3-mode camping lights. Whether you’re setting up your tent, gathering around the campfire, or exploring the wilderness at night, these customizable lights ensure you have the perfect ambiance for every moment.

Empowering Performance with 768Wh and High-Performing 1200W Rated Power

With a robust 768Wh capacity and a high-performing 1200W rated power output, the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus delivers unparalleled performance, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. From powering speakers for your outdoor parties to keeping your essential gadgets running, this portable powerhouse has you covered.

Embrace Long-Lasting Power with 6× Longer-Lasting LFP Batteries

Equipped with long-lasting LFP batteries boasting an impressive 3,000 cycles, the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus offers six times the lifespan of conventional power stations. Bid farewell to frequent replacements and embrace the reliability and durability of this exceptional power solution.

HyperFast™ Recharging to 100% in 58 Mins

Experience unparalleled convenience with HyperFast™ recharging technology, allowing you to recharge your Anker SOLIX C800 Plus to 100% in just 58 minutes. Simply plug into an 1100W AC outlet and activate UltraFast mode for swift and efficient charging, saving you time for more adventures.


Connect Multiple Devices with 10 Ports

Versatility meets convenience with the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus, featuring 10 ports to connect a multitude of devices. From smartphones and laptops to portable appliances and entertainment systems, this power station ensures all your devices stay powered up wherever your adventures take you.

Harness Solar Power with 300W Max Solar Input

Harness the power of the sun and stay off-the-grid longer with the 300W max solar input capability of the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus. Charge your power station using solar panels for eco-friendly energy wherever you roam, ensuring sustainability and independence during your outdoor endeavors.

Seamless Control with Remote App

Take control of your power station effortlessly with the remote app, allowing you to monitor and manage your device remotely. Whether you’re adjusting settings, checking battery status, or scheduling recharges, the intuitive app puts the power in your hands, enhancing your outdoor experience.

Elevate your outdoor adventures to new heights with the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus Portable Power Station. With its unrivaled performance, innovative features, and seamless control, this powerhouse ensures you have the energy you need to stay connected, entertained, and illuminated wherever your journey leads. Say goodbye to energy constraints and hello to endless possibilities with the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus by your side.

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