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Convenient living outdoor

Incorporating the outdoors into daily life also promotes physical well-being. Engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, or simply strolling amidst lush greenery encourages a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Regular exposure to natural sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D, boosting immune function and enhancing mood, while breathing in fresh air revitalizes both body and mind.

So for starters, do you need power with you outdoors?

Wich portable power station is best for you?

Do you want to continue doing what you were doing when the grid goes down or is charging your phone or laptop enough?

Solar Generators and appliances to make your trip outdoors more convenient. Find great gear for your camping site and ensure you have a good time.

Current focus is on Power Stations or Solar Generator and things that make more Convenient living outdoor.

There are several groups of people who could benefit greatly from owning a solar generator. Here are some examples:
  1. Outdoor enthusiasts: If you enjoy camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities, a solar generator can be an excellent way to keep your electronic devices charged, run small appliances, and power lights or other equipment.

  2. Homeowners: Solar generators can be a reliable backup power source for homeowners during power outages or emergencies. They can keep essential appliances running, such as refrigerators, freezers, and medical equipment.

  3. Small business owners: Solar generators can be used to power small businesses, such as food trucks, street vendors, and outdoor events. They can also provide a backup power source for businesses during power outages or emergencies.

  4. RV owners: Solar generators can be a great way to power RVs and travel trailers, allowing you to enjoy off-grid adventures without the need for a traditional generator or electrical hookup.

  5. Disaster relief organizations: Solar generators can be a crucial tool for disaster relief organizations, providing power for emergency response efforts and helping to restore power to affected communities.

Check out the collection of power stations that can save you when the grid goes down or when you need power outdoors

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There are several reasons why someone may choose to buy a solar generator. Here are three main reasons:
  1. Portability: Solar generators are typically lightweight and portable, making them an excellent choice for outdoor activities, camping trips, and emergencies. Unlike traditional generators that require fuel, solar generators rely on renewable energy from the sun, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly option.

  2. Power backup: Solar generators can provide a reliable source of backup power during power outages or natural disasters. They can keep essential appliances running, such as refrigerators, lights, and medical devices. Some solar generators also have the capability to charge electronic devices, like smartphones and laptops.

  3. Cost savings: While the initial cost of a solar generator may be higher than a traditional generator, they can save money in the long run. Solar generators do not require fuel, oil changes, or maintenance, which can save money on operating costs. Additionally, solar generators can help reduce reliance on the electrical grid, potentially lowering monthly utility bills.

  • What is the one appliance that you want to use when you are off grid?
  • How many watts does it take and for how long time?


You can find a list of appliances here and how much power they use here

Let’s say you select a microwave oven and its about 1000W and you want to use about 3 times and 5 minutes on full effect.

Then you might need a power station that is about 1500W and usually they are 1500Wh also so that’s about right. It can deliver 1500W for an hour so your 3 times 5 minutes is guaranteed 

Just like the Jackery Explorer 1500 PRO

  • They can charge your devices and keep them ready for use, even when there is no sunshine out.
  • It only takes a few minutes to set up and begin using this type of generator, so it’s an easy choice to make.


It is also very safe alternative to traditional generators because it doesn’t create any emissions like fumes or noise pollution; instead it uses sunlight as its energy source which means all kinds of things can be done with this type of generator while they’re still being used!

No, LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries do not contain cobalt. LiFePO4 is a specific type of lithium-ion battery that utilizes iron phosphate as the cathode material. Unlike some other lithium-ion batteries, such as lithium-cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) batteries, LiFePO4 batteries are cobalt-free.


Convenient Power on the Go

Power when you need it, where you need it.

Power when you need it, where you need it.

No more long power cords for your project, just use the solar generator

You don’t have to worry about power outages or the weather

your solar generator will keep your home powered while others are offline.

Charging is cheap, fuel costs are none and maintenance is minimal thanks to the ease of use of a solar generator.

Only takes a few minutes to set up and begin using

It takes only a few minutes to set up, and you can start using it right away.

It doesn’t matter if it is sunny or cloudy outside—the generator will provide electricity for your home when you need it most.

EcoFlow River 2
EcoFlow River

Solar generators are a great choice for many reasons.

For one, they are an excellent investment and can save you money on your energy bill.

The best part? No matter where you live or where you go you can have portable power with you

Take a look at EcoFlow DELTA mini 

It has 1400W and 882 Watt hours

This was just an example so look at the charts for each brand and find out which one is best for your need

You can use the excel sheet to calculate the size of your power station, you can find it under

Solar generators are a very safe alternative to traditional generators, as they do not produce any emissions.

They don’t make any noice or smell so your neighbour won’t even know you are using one. That is especially important when you are out camping for a friendly atmosphere.

This makes them the right choice if you are looking for dirty-free power and want to be able to use your electric devices when it’s needed most.

You can find more Solar Generator here

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