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Saving energy has never been more rewarding, thanks to innovative platforms like OhmConnect. By participating in OhmHours, individuals not only contribute to a sustainable future but also earn tangible rewards. Let’s delve into how OhmConnect operates and how you can benefit from this energy-saving initiative.

How Do OhmHours Work? An OhmHour is a designated period, typically occurring on weeknight evenings, when energy demand surges. Rather than resorting to firing up costly and environmentally harmful power plants, utility companies incentivize customers to reduce their energy usage. Here’s how it unfolds:

  1. Get notified: OhmConnect notifies users via email or SMS about upcoming OhmHours when grid demand is high.

  2. Reduce: Participants lower their energy consumption by powering down smart devices and postponing energy-intensive tasks like laundry.

  3. Get rewarded: By keeping connected devices off during the hour, users earn credits towards monthly payments. These credits, known as Watts, can be redeemed for cash, entered into prize draws, or utilized to acquire smart home technology from the Rewards Marketplace.

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