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Just Clever Things

Power On-the-Go with Oukitel Portable Power Stations!

Never Run Out of Power Again - Keep Your Devices Charged Anywhere!

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16384Wh Huge Capacity - Expand up to 7 x B2000 Expansion Batteries (Each 2048Wh) High Compatibility - Compatible with 99% Balcony Power Plants Max. AC1800W Fast Charging - From 0% To 80% in 1.5 Hours 2000W UPS < 10ms - Offer Power Instantly When Blacko
  • Portable Design  
  • MPPT Controller 
  • 614Wh Capacity
  • 10 Versatile Outlets
  • BMS  
  • Safest LiFePO4 Battery 
  • Huge Capacity 
  • Constant 2000W Output 
  • Super Fast Recharge 
  • Solar power storage Solution 
  • UPS 
OUKITEL P5000 New Arrival Get $500 OFF
  • Massive 5120Wh Capacity – Longer-lasting Power Supply.
  • Powerful 2200W AC Output 
  • Lightning-fast 1800W AC Input 
  • 1400w Uninterruptible Power Supply in Emergencies.
  • Solar Input up to 1000W 
  • Plug & Play Design – Effortlessly Easy to Set Up and Use.
  • Durable LiFePO4 Battery 

Oukitel Portable Power Stations

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