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Oukitel is a Chinese smartphone and electronics manufacturer that was founded in 2007.

 The company is known for producing affordable smartphones and other electronic devices with a focus on delivering reliable performance and long battery life. While they are not as well-known globally as some other smartphone manufacturers, Oukitel has gained recognition in certain markets, particularly for their budget-friendly devices.

In recent years, Oukitel has expanded its product range beyond smartphones to include other electronic gadgets and accessories. One notable product line is their portable power stations.

The Oukitel BP2000 is a portable power station that serves as a backup power source for various electronic devices. These power stations are designed to be compact and portable, making them suitable for outdoor activities, camping, emergencies, or situations where access to a power outlet is limited. They typically come equipped with multiple charging ports, including USB ports and AC outlets, allowing users to charge smartphones, laptops, cameras, and other devices.

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  • Huge Capacity – Expand up to 7 x B2000 Expansion Batteries (Each 2048Wh)
  • Max. AC1800W Fast Charging – From 0% To 80% in 1.5 Hours
  • 2000W UPS < 10ms – Offer Power Instantly When Blackouts Occur
  • PV1000W + AC1500W Dual Recharge – Charge to 80% Just in 1 Hour
  • Enduring LiFePO4 Battery – 3,500 + Life Cycles up to 10 Years Lifespan
  • 6 Charging Ways – AC/Solar/AC+Solar/Car/Generator/AC Adapter

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