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A battery powered air conditioner that will keep you cool for about 3 – 5 hours depending on desired temperature. If you have a power station with you then you can prolong the operating time.

It takes about 250Watts so be sure you choose a suitable power station. 1000 Wh is about 4 hours with just the air the conditioner. The battery that goes with ZERO breeze Mark 2 is a 840Wh. With the power station and the built in battery you might run the air conditioner in your vehicle a whole night.

If your boat, RV or camper van doesn't have an air conditioner then this is for you!

Get an extra battery and spoil yourself with cool air so you can enjoy your trip like never before

The extra battery can be an extra power for usage due the day while you are working or editing your great photos from your trip

Power stations that will prolong the operation time

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