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Here is a simple calculator for your solar panels, put in the Voc (open circuit voltage) and how many watts and it will calculate amps for each solar panel.

The result will show you how much Volt in series or Amps in parallel setup

Solar Panel Calculator

Solar Panel Calculator

Voc (V) Watts Amps

In series you add the Voltage together and in parallel you add the Amps

So a 100W panel with 27Voc will give about 3,7 A and two in series will be 54V and 3,7 A (27V + 27V)

If you are connecting two or more panels of different wattage then the amp will be a bit tricky to calculate, so in series its preferable to have the same specs

In a parellel setup it will be  27V and 7,41 A, (3,7A + 3,7A)

This is just a guidance for you when you are about to buy a solar regulator or add another solar panel

When you are connecting in series measure the voltage with a multimeter to make sure the voltage is below max on your solar regulator.

When linking two or more solar panels together, the voltage can rise to levels that are not only uncomfortable but potentially hazardous, so be careful!

This regulator from Victron has Max 250 Volt and  Max  70 Amps

Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT MC4 250V 70 amp 12/24/36/48-Volt Solar Charge Controller (Bluetooth)

That is about 5st 400W Renogy portable solar panels

Renogy 400W Portable solar panel lightweight suitcase

Max Power at STC: 400W

Open Circuit Voltage: 47.2V

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