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Here is a list of products and how much power they take sort by Watts.

The list is a guide and can bring you close to what size you need for your Power Station


If you want to calculate for yourself then check out my other post
ProductMin WMax WMin W/hMax W/h
Clock radio1W2W0.001 kWh0.002 kWh
Electric Doorbell Transformer2W2W0.002 kWh0.002 kWh
Phone Charger4W60W0.004 kWh0.060 kWh
Router5W15W0.005 kWh0.015 kWh
Mi Box5W7W0.005 kWh0.007 kWh
LED Light Bulb7W10W0.007 kWh0.01 kWh
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter7W40W0.007 kWh0.04 kWh
Scanner10W18W0.01 kWh0.018 kWh
Table Fan10W25W0.01 kWh0.025 kWh
Extractor / Exhaust Fan12W12W0.012 kWh0.012 kWh
Electric Shaver15W20W0.015 kWh0.02 kWh
Deep Freezer19W19W0.019 kWh0.019 kWh
Guitar Amplifier20W30W0.02kWh0.03 kWh
Inkjet Printer20W30W0.02 kWh0.03 kWh
Tube Light22W22W0.022 kWh0.022 kWh
Air Purifier25W30W0.025 kWh0.03 kWh
Computer Monitor25W30W0.025 kWh0.030 kWh
Curling Iron25W35W0.025 kWh0.035 kWh
DVD Player26W60W0.026 kWh0.060 kWh
Set Top Box27W30W0.027 kWh0.03 kWh
32 Inch LED TV30W60W0.03 kWh0.06 kWh
Freezer30W50W0.03 kWh0.05 kWh
Humidifier35W40W0.035 kWh0.040 kWh
24 Inch LCD TV40W60W0.04 kWh0.06 kWh
American-style Fridge Freezer40W80W0.04 kWh0.08 kWh
Laptop Computer40W120W0.04 kWh0.12 kWh
Wall Mounted Fan45W60W0.045 kWh0.06 kWh
Heated Bathroom Mirror50W100W0.05 kWh0.01 kWh
Pedestal Fan50W70W0.05 kWh0.07 kWh
Xbox One50W110W0.05 kWh0.11 kWh
37 Inch LED TV60W70W0.06 kWh0.07 kWh
Bathroom Towel Heater60W150W0.06 kWh0.15 kWh
Ceiling Fan60W80W0.06 kWh0.08 kWh
Sewing Machine70W80W0.07 kWh0.08 kWh
Water Filter and Cooler70W100W0.07 kWh0.1 kWh
Hair Straightening Iron75W300W0.075 kWh0.03 kWh
Wine cooler (18 bottles)83W83W0.083 kWh0.083 kWh
Playstation 485W150W0.085 kWh0.15 kWh
Home Sound System95W95W0.095 kWh0.095 kWh
Desktop Computer100W450W0.10 kWh0.45 kWh
Refrigerator100W200W0.1 kWh0.2 kWh
42 Inch LCD TV110W130W0.11 kWh0.13 kWh
65 Inch LED TV120W130W0.12 kWh0.13 kWh
Game Console120W170W0.12 kWh0.17 kWh
50 Inch LCD TV140W170W0.14 kWh0.17 kWh
Fridge / Freezer150W400W0.15 kWh0.4 kWh
Domestic Water Pump200W1500W0.20 kWh1.5 kWh
Electric Blanket200W200W0.2 kWh0.2 kWh
Projector220W270W0.22 kWh0.27 kWh
82 Inch LED TV228W295W0.228 kWh0.295 kWh
Dehumidifier240W240W0.24 kWh0.24 kWh
Food Blender300W400W0.3 kWh0.4 kWh
Gaming PC300W600W0.3 kWh0.6 kWh
Garage Door Opener300W400W0.03 kWh0.04 kWh
Vacuum Cleaner450W900W0.45 kWh0.9 kWh
Front Load Washing Machine500W2200W0.5 kWh2.2 kWh
Washing Machine500W500W0.5 kWh0.5 kWh
Drill600W850W0.6 kWh0.85 kWh
Bread Toaster700W1000W0.7 kWh1 kWh
Coffee Maker800W1400W0.8 kWh1.4 kWh
Electric Iron800W1500W0.8 kWh1.5 kWh
Food Dehydrator800W800W0.8 kWh0.8 kWh
Percolator800W1100W0.8 kWh1.1 kWh
Fryer1000W1000W1 kWh1 kWh
Hair Blow Dryer1000W3000W1 kWh3 kWh
Iron1000W1000W1 kWh1 kWh
Lawnmower1000W1400W1 kWh1.4 kWh
Microwave1000W2500W1 kWh2.5 kWh
Oven1000W2150W1 kWh2.15 kWh
9″ disc sander1200W1200W1.2 kWh1.2 kWh
Dishwasher1200W1500W1.2 kWh1.5 kWh
Electric Kettle1200W3000W1.2 kWh3 kWh
Hot Water Dispenser1200W1300W1.2 kWh1.3 kWh
Air Conditioner1300W2000W1.3 kWh2 kWh
Espresso Coffee Machine1300W1500W1.3 kWh1.5 kWh
Induction Cooktop1400W2000W1.4 kWh2 kWh
Air Fryer1500W1500W1.5 kWh1.5 kWh
Electric Mower1500W1500W1.5 kWh1.5 kWh
Clothes Dryer2000W5000W2 kWh5 kWh
Electric Heater Fan2000W3000W2 kWh3 kWh
Electric stove2000W2000W2 kWh2 kWh
Space Heater2000W5000W2 kWh5 kWh
Steam Iron2200W2500W2.2 kWh2.5 kWh
Electric Leaf Blower2500W2500W2.5 kWh2.5 kWh
Hand Wash Oversink Water Heater3000W3000W3 kWh3 kWh

Do you want to know how much your appliance take? Get one of these

You can find them almost anywhere and is easy to use

234 Volt, 50Hz

23,71 Watt

0,1 Amps

U * I = W
234V * 0,1A = 23,4 W So the formula can help you calculate if your measurement is correct

This is my own measurement here in Sweden where we have 230 Volts instead of 110 V, the formula works for 110 Volt as well

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