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The Victron Energy SmartShunt IP65 is the latest innovation in battery monitoring, offering waterproof functionality and serving as a reliable fuel gauge for your batteries. With its easy setup and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, it provides a complete solution for tracking battery state of charge percentage and essential metrics.

Comprehensive Monitoring: The SmartShunt IP65 records vital parameters such as voltage, current, energy, and remaining time, providing you with valuable insights into your battery’s performance. Keep track of historical data and receive alerts for potential issues, ensuring optimal battery health and performance.

Seamless Connectivity: Easily connect the SmartShunt IP65 to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth for convenient monitoring and settings adjustment. By eliminating the need for a dedicated display, it saves space while providing quick access to important battery information.

Optimized Connectivity: While the SmartShunt IP65 offers Bluetooth connectivity with a typical range of 10-15 meters, factors such as nearby electrically conducting elements or seawater may reduce range further. To address this, consider adding a VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle and deactivating Bluetooth in the SmartShunt for enhanced connectivity and reliability.

Expandable Options: For advanced monitoring capabilities, optionally connect the SmartShunt IP65 to a Victron Energy GX device using a VE.Direct cable. Monitor additional batteries, bank midpoint, or temperature with ease, though additional parts may be required for certain features.

Safety First: Ensure safe installation by consulting a professional and adhering to electrical codes. Incorrect installation can pose hazards, so it’s crucial to follow recommended procedures to minimize risks.

The Victron Energy SmartShunt IP65 is your go-to solution for reliable battery monitoring in diverse environments. With its waterproof design, comprehensive features, and seamless connectivity options, it’s the perfect companion for ensuring optimal battery performance and peace of mind