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The Venus GX serves as the communication center of your installation, enabling seamless interaction with all components to ensure they operate harmoniously.

With its intuitive interface and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, the Venus GX empowers you to effortlessly oversee your system’s performance from anywhere, using your smartphone or other devices via the Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM).

Instant System Overview: Upon logging in, the Venus GX provides an instant snapshot of your system, including battery state of charge, current power consumption, PV power harvest, and mains/generator power provision. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your system’s status at a glance.

Full Access with VRM: VRM offers extensive controls and settings for all connected system components, accessible remotely for both users and installers. Perform diagnostic checks, analyze archived data, and manage your system hassle-free from anywhere, at any time.

Automatic Generator Control: Program the Venus GX to automatically start or stop your generator based on predefined triggers such as low voltage, high demand, or battery state of charge. Customize ignition delays to prevent nuisance disturbances during quiet periods.

Remote Console Access: With Remote Console, visually access live data and settings of your Venus GX remotely, giving you the freedom to manage your system from anywhere in the world with ease.

Energy Storage System Management: The Venus GX efficiently manages Energy Storage Systems, ensuring backup batteries remain at optimal levels, activating during power cuts, and diverting excess solar power for self-consumption, resulting in cost savings. Explore detailed information and examples in the ESS manual for comprehensive understanding.

Remote Monitoring for Boats and Motorhomes: Whether planning a trip or ensuring readiness, remotely monitor your boat or motorhome’s electrical system with Venus GX. Additionally, communicate with equipment from other manufacturers and monitor tank levels effortlessly.

With the Victron Venus GX, take control of your system’s performance and enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have a reliable and versatile solution for comprehensive monitoring and management.