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The Victron Cerbo GX revolutionizes remote monitoring by offering unparalleled flexibility and connectivity options to suit your every need. As a versatile communication hub, it seamlessly integrates with various Victron products and supported third-party devices, empowering you with real-time monitoring and control capabilities from anywhere, at any time.

Complete Control at Your Fingertips: With the Cerbo GX, take charge of your system effortlessly through the Victron Remote Monitoring (VRM) portal and VictronConnect app. Whether you prefer the convenience of remote access or the direct control offered by the optional GX Touch display, the power is always in your hands.

Enhanced Compatibility: Connect and control it all with the Cerbo GX. Experience seamless integration with a wide range of Victron-connected products and an expanding list of compatible third-party devices and integrations. The possibilities are endless with this all-in-one communication center.

Powerful Monitoring with Venus OS: Harness the monitoring prowess of Venus OS to monitor your energy system’s performance comprehensively. Configure the system to your exact specifications, utilize intuitive controls, and let advanced algorithms optimize system efficiency effortlessly.

Maximize System Performance: The Cerbo GX acts as the nerve center of your system, unifying readings and coordinating system-wide actions to maximize performance for all connected devices. With its robust processor and innovative Venus OS, your system reaches unprecedented levels of efficiency.

Versatile Applications: From marine to energy storage systems and off-grid setups, the Cerbo GX excels across diverse applications. Seamlessly integrate with Marine Multi-functional Displays (MFDs), optimize energy usage based on grid tariffs, enhance peak shaving with solar forecasts, and more.

Conquer Any Power Challenge: Whether you’re navigating the seas or optimizing energy usage on land, the Cerbo GX is your ultimate ally. Minimize generator usage, manage hybrid systems remotely, and design efficient automation flows with ease, thanks to custom VRM widgets and the power of Node-Red and Venus OS.

Experience the future of remote monitoring with the Cerbo GX.

Empower yourself with unmatched control, flexibility, and efficiency, and elevate your system to new heights of performance.

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