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The Victron GX Touch 50 and GX Touch 70 are the perfect companions for our Cerbo GX, offering intuitive display accessories that provide instant system overviews and seamless adjustment of settings. With their sleek, waterproof design and straightforward installation, these touch screen displays elevate your monitoring experience with unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

Effortless Installation and Protection: The GX Touch Protection Covers ensure your display remains safeguarded against water, dust, and UV light, guaranteeing long-lasting durability. Installation is a breeze, as the GX Touch panels are designed to meet professional installer standards, eliminating the need for precise cut-outs and minimizing cable clutter with a single connection to the Cerbo GX.

Seamless Integration with Cerbo GX: As companions to the Cerbo GX, the GX Touch panels offer seamless integration with your system, providing unparalleled control and performance optimization. Whether accessing your system through the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal or directly via the GX Touch, Marine Multi-functional Displays (MFDs), or the VictronConnect App, you can always stay connected and in command.

Redefined Connectivity for Smart Power Solutions: With built-in WiFi Access Point capabilities, the GX Touch redefines connectivity, offering the best in smart power solutions. Experience the ultimate convenience and control as you monitor and manage your system effortlessly from anywhere, at any time.

The GX Touch 50 and GX Touch 70 are the latest additions to the GX-range, setting new standards for intuitive monitoring and control.

Elevate your power management experience and redefine what’s possible with smart technology at your fingertips.