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Solar generator for your cabin that can charge your laptop battery and then be used for fridge and other appliances. 

What can a solution look like in a cabin

How many appliances do you want to use? do they need to have power all the time?

Lets say you need a:

  • fridge/freezer
  • TV
  • Laptop
  • Phone charger
  • Lights
  • Airfryer… if it was mine cabin 🙂
  • Microwave

150W – 400W
30W – 60W
40W – 120W
10W – 60W
10W – 60W

2 hours
2 hours
3 hours
3 hours
15 minutes
10 minutes

This is altogether about 2500Wh a day

The fridge/freezer is not working all the time so it takes about 800Wh to 2000Wh per day

An inverter that deliver about 2000W is ok for this situation, then you can use a charger while the air fryer is on and the fridge won’t power down

The solar input per day should be as much as possible and for an easy setup use the brands solar panels, often you can buy them together with the power station at a lower prize

EcoFlow DELTA 2

If you take a look at this portable power station from Ecoflow here you will see an example of what you need

This is a perfect specification of portable power station in my mind

You can carry it with you everywhere and its big enough for a backup solution at home

ModelEcoFlow DELTA 2
Max watt 1800W
W hours1024Wh
12 regulatedYes
Battery typeLFP
Lifecycle3000 cycles to 80%
230 volt 
120 voltYes
USB-C Watt2st 100W
USB2st 12W + 2st 18W
Wireless charging 
Solar regulatorMPPT
Solar inputAdapter MC-4
Max solar input500W Max 11-60V, 15A
Max watt charge1200W
Charging time AC0-80% in 50 min
12v car charging 8 A
Solar 11-60 V, 15A
USB C PD Charging No
Built in chargerYes 1200W max, 10A
Support Extra BatteryYes
Weight27 lbs / 12 kg
Dimensions (LxWxD)15.7 x 8.3 x 11 in
Dimensions (LxWxD) cm(40 x 21 x 28 cm)
Warranty:Up to 5 Years

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Can a solar generator run a fridge?

Portable Fridge

A refrigerator use power when it works its way down in temperature, when it has come down in temperature it turns off the compressor.

My portable fridge is using about 12V 5 amps (60W) when it is running at first but when it is down at the right temperature it stops and only kicks in now and then. It only works to maintain the temperature that is set. They say that it is operating about 22% of the time and it seems be about right regarding to my observations

Depending on how much I have in the fridge, the time to get down in temperature takes about 15 minutes. I use an ice clamp to help it drop in temperature to save power. My fridge uses this formula to calculate what power it takes per day. 

Formula: Current draw x average running time* (48 W: 12 V = approx. 3.75 A)
Example: 3,75 A x 22 % (22% of the time) 10W
48W * 0,22 = 10,56 Wh

10,56 * 24H = 253 Wh / day

This is how my fridge is running so the formula should be correct.

So if I use the example with the DELTA 2 with 1024 Wh then it will power my fridge for about 3 – 4 days

This is my fridge and freezer at home

To get a guide line of what kind of fridge and freezer you can find at home I will show you mine

As you can see it runs on 230V and it takes about 0,8 Amps when its running, that would be 230 * 0,8 = 184W

So for one hour it takes about 184 Wh but it is not operating all the time so its just an estimation depending on outside temp and what’s in the fridge

Best way to check this is to measure how much power the fridge takes in 24 hours

My freezer runs on 230V and it takes about 0,9 Amps when its running, that would be 230 * 0,9 = 207 W But they have specified 274W on the label so it varies depends on temperature, 274W is probably the max power

Examples of power stations in this range

Don't know how much power your devices take?

Maybe you can find the devices in the list and then calculate what you need, check out my posts below

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