Solar generator for backup in your house and when you are on your way outdoors. OUKITEL P2001 can run your fridge at home and power almost every electric device you need  at home.

  • Constant 2000W Output Easily powering any high-wattage home appliances and devices (air conditioners, microwave, fridge, electric saw, electric drill and etc), P2001 even can surge up to 4000W.
  • Super Fast Recharge You can charge P2001 by standard wall outlet, solar panels, car port or other power generators. Charing P2001 from 0 – 100% just takes you 1.5 hours by an input of 1500W power.

If you have some things at home that you can’t live without during a power shortage…

– like a micro, coffee maker or a water pump  🙂

All you need for a small camper van

With an OUKITEL P2001 you don't need long power cords for your outside project

OUKITEL CN505 Portable Power Station 614Wh

  • 614Wh Capacity  The 614Wh big capacity can power your appliances (fan, car refrigerator, coffee machine etc.) for hours on your RV holidays.
  • 10 Versatile Outlets  The 10 versatile Output ports can meet your different devices recharging requirements (Smartphones, laptops, cameras, TV, Microwave, etc.).
  • BMS  The BMS provides solid protection in over-current, over-voltage, short-current, over-discharge, over-charge and thermal, ensuring the safety of the whole user experience.
  • Safest LiFePO4 Battery  CN505’s LiFePO4 battery is one of the safest batteries in power stations, moreover it owns 2000 life cycles. It allows you to use it for years without any security issues.

OUKITEL CN505 Running a fridge and a blender

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