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Calculator for your solar panels

Calculator solar

Calculate your solar setup Here is a simple calculator for your solar panels, put in the Voc (open circuit voltage) and how many watts and it will calculate amps for each solar panel. The result will show you how much Volt in series or Amps in parallel setup Solar Panel Calculator Solar Panel Calculator Voc […]

Calculate the size of your Power Station

Calculate the size of your Power Station

Calculate how much watt each product take Here is the most common things to bring with you on your trip outdoors that need power. Seek out the product you wish to carry along and verify your selection. By clicking the button below, the sum will be automatically calculated for you. This will provide valuable guidance […]

How much power does each appliances take

How much power does they take

Here is a list of products and how much power they take sort by Watts. The list is a guide and can bring you close to what size you need for your Power Station   If you want to calculate for yourself then check out my other post Click Here Product Min W Max W […]