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Renogy ONE M1 lets you create smart scenes that control lights and accessories automatically based on your daily routine.

Set up scenes like “Sleep” or “Energy Saver” to turn on/off connected devices with a simple tap on panel switches or the DC Home app based on the time of day.

Enjoy more off-grid living and leave the rest to Renogy ONE M1 with preset smart scenes.

This is the big advantage of buying from big established companies that are innovate. Here you can connect all of your devices and monitor them from one easy place and on your app

Connect your devices for a cleaner look and have easy

access to your favourite things you need to switch on and off

Subscription Plan: Smart Energy+

Monitor your devices in a comfortable way


from: Renogy

Watch and be impressed

The different devices that you connect to the Renogy ONE M1

Renogy ONE M1
Renogy ONE M1 devices

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