How to get power outdoors to your electric devices

Do you have the same problem as I have with a good solution for charge my batteries and use my electric devices when I’m going for a trip

I’m going to upgrade my battery in my boat and right now so is there 2 lead acid batteries. The goal is to replace one of them or if I will install a 3rd battery and this one is going to be an LiFePO4 battery.

But then comes the trouble with just install and connect it to the alternator, you need to have a smart connection because of the different charging rate the batteries have.

The same problem with the charger that I’m going to install. It need to be a charger that can handle Lead Acid and LiFePO4 batteries. As I see it I have these different options

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First option, a power station?

  • Portable, take it with you everywhere 
  • All in one unit
  • Easy to use
  • A lot of outlets and function
  • Charge with solar panels
  • Solves my needs and no installation


Can’t upgrade, you have to buy a new unit if you want more power or if you want more features  

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A power station can solve my needs with my boat and the electric devices that I have with me and I can take it with me and charge it at home.

Next option is to install a regulator, a battery and an inverter

  • Permanent installation 
  • I can upgrade every component individually 
  • Connect solar panels
  • Build in more functions and features
  • Follow history on the app and see how much it charges the battery 

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Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-Volt 30 amp 360-Watt DC-DC Charger, Isolated (Bluetooth)
Camper Van RENOGY

Then there is this third option, a gas generator

This option is very easy, just fill up with petrol and let them run for hours and then fill it up and continue with generating power.


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The obvious downs with gas generators is that they are noisy. Solar and power station are total silence. 

And now we are two that have similar ideas and problems that needs to be solved

I was helping my father the other day with his battery solution in his rv and the voltage is 14.7 volts on the leisure battery and 14.4 on the start battery. This way to high voltage and something is wrong. Maybe it even is hurting the batteries.

When we did some measurements in different places in his electrical system then we came to the conclusion that the panels is about 1 volt wrong but that is still to high.

When I put a blanket over the solar panel the voltage dropped to 12.8 and that is more realistic.

The solar regulator is a simple PWM model that came with the rv for about 10 years ago. When I got all the facts about how his installation looks like and behave poorly so then I wonder how many more have this problem, it’s going to be a few I can imagine.

Thats when I decided to make this post that will explain the thoughts I have with my boat and my dads rv. I am going to share my thoughts at the same time that I’m documenting this for my future installation and my power supply on my trips.

We are going for option nr 2 and install a proper regulator and a new solar panel to charge the battery

My father has a 80W solar panel on the roof of his RV and we are going to connect it to a new 100 W panel in series. Then connect it to a MPPT regulator from Victron, we have decided that this is the one for us

Victron Smart Solar
75-Volt, 10 Amp
Victron Smart Solar
75-Volt, 15 Amp
Victron Smart Solar
100-Volt, 15 Amp
Victron Smart Solar
100-Volt, 20 Amp

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Victron Smart Solar 75-Volt 15 Amp

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Victron Smart solar MPPT 75/15
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Smart solar means that it’s smart and have bluetooth built in and you can connect to it via an app from Victron. VictronConnect

MPPT is Maximum Power Point Tracking and it is the type of regulator 

75/15 stands for Max 75 volts and 15 stands for max amps

If you want to read more about Victron Smart Solar MPPT then you can go to my page about this regulator here

Then it’s just to do some research on solar panels and we are good to go

Here is a few I’ve found on eBay so far

Solar panel, Solarmodul 12-volt 50W,  100W, 130W, 150W, 165W

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I have ordered this one:


  • Max. Leistung: 100W
  • Max. Versorgungsspannung: 17,8 V
  • Max. Leistungsstrom: 5,62 A
  • Leerlaufspannung: 21,8 V
  • Kurzschlussstrom: 6,22 A
  • Abmessungen: 101 x 54 x 3 cm
  • Gewicht: 6,2 kg
  • 4 Befestigungslöcher
  • Inklusive 90 cm Kabel mit MC4-Stecker
  • Zellwirkungsgrad: 17,5%
  • Leistungstoleranz: ± 3%


  • Max. Power: 100W
  • Max. Supply voltage: 17.8 V.
  • Max. Power current: 5.62 A
  • Open circuit voltage: 21.8V
  • Short circuit current: 6.22 A.
  • Dimensions: 101 x 54 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 6.2 kg
  • 4 mounting holes
  • Including 90 cm cable with MC4 connector
  • Cell efficiency: 17.5%
  • Power tolerance: ± 3%
Quality Doesn't Have To Be Expensive!

MC4 Connectors for solar panels

10 Pairs Set connectors MC4 30A Male - Female

Quick & simple assembly processing and simple removal of plugs without the aid of any instrument.

Double seal rings for better waterproof effect.
Resistance of high & low temperature and fireproof.
Compatible with PV cables with different insulation diameters.

Load capability with big current and high voltage
Item type: Connector


10 Pairs MC4 30A Male Female M/F Wire PV Cable Connector Set Solar Panel 10 piece set
10 Pairs MC4 30A Male Female M/F Wire PV Cable Connector Set Solar Panel 10 piece set - $12.94

Quick & simple assembly processing and simple removal of plugs without the aid of any instrument.Double seal rings for better waterproof effect.Resistance of high & low temperature and fireproof.Compatible with PV cables with different insulation d

Accessories for you vehicle, 12-Volt charger for USB devices

With the help of Quick Charge 3.0 technology, this USB car adapter can charge compatible devices twice as fast as traditional chargers.


Project type: car charger;
Color: black, white;
Material: PC + ABS fireproof;
Protection: overvoltage/overcurrent/short circuit protection;
Output: 5V 3.1A;
Input: 12-24 (V);
Packing list:
1 x car charger

Dual USB car charger, compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android cellphone, tablet, GPS, etc.With type-C port, support Apple charging protocol, meet all your needs.Built-in smart chip, provide fast and steady charging.

12V / 24V input voltage, support mainstream vehicles in the market.Blue LED indicator, easy to find even in the dark.

Exquisite design, small and portable.

  • Function: Dual USB 3.0, fast charging
  • Power support: car lighter slot
  • Input voltage: 12-24V
  • Output voltage: 5V
  • Output current: 1A +2.1A
  • Color: silver, black, gold, red
  • Item size: approx. 6.5*3.2cm
  • Package size: approx. 5.5*4.5*10.5cm
  • Package List:
  • 1 * Car Charger
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