Just Clever Things

Just Clever Things

A friend ask if I could help him with an intercom between friends while they were out biking so I found this brand and I am sold.

They have everything that he wanted and more some. Their lineup is great and they have really put in effort to do an awesome experience while riding and talking to your friends

Here is the top of line products, you can find single pack or double pack

The big differens is their intercom with other riders goes over the new bluetooth mesh system and support 2- 15 different riders.

It also has voice commands so you can tell it what you want and you can even talk to Siri or Google.

The one my friend end up buying was freedom 4x just it was perfect for him and the voice commands was a plus

The Cardo freedom 4x supports 2 – 4 riders and has voice operation

The Cardo freedom 2x supports 2 riders and unfortunately not voice operation

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