Jackery Explorer 1000

Are you like me and need to have electricity with you when you leave home, check out this one!

Charge with solar and bring power with you everywhere.

Do you like to take electric devices with you like cameras and computer?

Now you can!

Why don’t you spoil yourself and bring a mini fridge with you so you can have cold drinks in the summer

Explorer 1000

  • Higher Wattage 1000W
  • 3-pure Sine Wave AC outlet
  • 2 USB and 2 USB-C
  • Professional MPPT Solar Recharging


Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station
Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station output
Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station charge
Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station devices

Here are some examples of what you can power with Jackery Explorer 1000, you can use it as a guide. 

The exact Watt that you have on your product might be different, check the label or manual. 
ProductMin WMin WMax W
Clock radio11 W2 W
Electric Doorbell Transformer22 W2 W
Phone Charger44 W60 W
Router55 W15 W
Mi Box55 W7 W
LED Light Bulb77 W10 W
Nintendo Switch AC Adapter77 W40 W
Scanner1010 W18 W
Table Fan1010 W25 W
Extractor / Exhaust Fan1212 W12 W
Electric Shaver1515 W20 W
Deep Freezer1919 W19 W
Guitar Amplifier2020 W30 W
Inkjet Printer2020 W30 W
Tube Light2222 W22 W
Air Purifier2525 W30 W
Computer Monitor2525 W30 W
Curling Iron2525 W35 W
DVD Player2626 W60 W
Set Top Box2727 W30 W
32 Inch LED TV3030 W60 W
Freezer3030 W50 W
Humidifier3535 W40 W
24 Inch LCD TV4040 W60 W
Mobile Fridge Freezer4040 W80 W
Laptop Computer4040 W120 W
Wall Mounted Fan4545 W60 W
Heated Bathroom Mirror5050 W100 W
Pedestal Fan5050 W70 W
Xbox One5050 W110 W
37 Inch LED TV6060 W70 W
Bathroom Towel Heater6060 W150 W
Ceiling Fan6060 W80 W
Sewing Machine7070 W80 W
Water Filter and Cooler7070 W100 W
Hair Straightening Iron7575 W300 W
Wine cooler (18 bottles)8383 W83 W
Playstation 48585 W150 W
Home Sound System9595 W95 W
Desktop Computer100100 W450 W
Refrigerator100100 W200 W
42 Inch LCD TV110110 W130 W
65 Inch LED TV120120 W130 W
Game Console120120 W170 W
50 Inch LCD TV140140 W170 W
Fridge / Freezer150150 W400 W
Electric Blanket200200 W200 W
Projector220220 W270 W
82 Inch LED TV228228 W295 W
Dehumidifier240240 W240 W
Food Blender300300 W400 W
Gaming PC300300 W600 W
Garage Door Opener300300 W400 W
Vacuum Cleaner450450 W900 W
Washing Machine500500 W500 W
Drill600600 W850 W
Food Dehydrator800800 W800 W

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