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Your All-Season Travel Companion

VEVOR Diesel Air Heater

Embrace the warmth of the VEVOR Diesel Air Heater, your all-season travel companion. From its efficient heating capabilities and low energy consumption to user-friendly controls and versatile usage, these diesel heaters is your key to a cozy and comfortable journey, wherever life takes you. Don’t let the weather dictate your plans – take control of your comfort with the VEVOR Diesel Air Heater.

All-in-One Diesel Air Heater:

  • Heater Power: 8 KW
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Working Temperature: -104℉~+176℉ / -40 °C~+80 °C

Stay Warm, Anywhere, Anytime:

Don’t let the cold winter freeze your adventures. The VEVOR Diesel Air Heater is your solution for warmth in all four seasons.

Feel the warmth with every breath as the inhaled cool air is heated rapidly in the aluminum combustion chamber.

Fast heating within 10 minutes increases the car’s interior temperature and efficiently clears window frost for hassle-free winter travels.

Low Energy Consumption:

  • Fuel Consumption: 0.1-0.24 (L/H) / 0.026 – 0.063 (Gal/H)
  • The diesel heater features a precise oil pump for 100% combustion control, ensuring low fuel consumption.
  • Less than one gallon per night keeps you cozy during cold weather, making it an energy-efficient choice.


Clear LCD & Convenient Remote Control:

  • Easy startup and temperature adjustment (46℉-95℉ / 8℃-35℃) via remote control or LCD panel.
  • Enjoy a quiet and warm space with low oil pump vibration.
  • A 98 ft/30 m control distance and timing system allow preheating the engine and cab in advance.


Versatile Usage: Diesel Vehicles & Indoor Comfort:

  • Widely used in diesel vehicles, including cars, RVs, caravans, trucks, and ships. Or why not in your garage for a cozy workplace
  • Compact and portable design makes it an excellent choice for home or shopping, ensuring warmth wherever you go.


The electrical consumption from the battery is in terms of 12-volt amps:

  • During startup, it draws approximately 7 to 8 amps for a duration of 3 to 5 minutes, reaching the required temperature to activate the glow stick.
  • Once operational, it sustains a steady draw of around 3 amps for as long as the heater is in use.
  • For a visual demonstration of the electric consumption, please refer to the video below.


Prepare for all seasons and enjoy warmth and comfort with the VEVOR Diesel Air Heater – your travel companion for every journey.

Here are three portable power stations that can support your heater

Each of these is capable of powering the diesel heater – the key difference lies in the duration they can sustain the heater’s operation

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