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BLUETTI AC50S (EU Version): Your Compact Power Solution for Anywhere, Anytime

Introducing the BLUETTI AC50S, a portable power station designed for versatility and convenience, providing 500Wh/300W of reliable power for all your devices.


Compact, Clean, and Quiet Power

  • Smaller and Lighter: Enjoy a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry wherever you go.
  • Eco-Friendly: Say goodbye to gas, fumes, and noise with this cleaner and quieter alternative to traditional backup generators.


Versatile 12V DC Output

  • Regulated 12V DC Output: Power your 12V appliances without any reduction, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.


Designed for All Your Devices

  • Multi-Purpose Design: Tailored to power a range of devices, from drones and camera equipment to laptops, phones, and more.


Flexible Charging Options

  • Three Charge Methods:
    • Solar Panel: Embrace renewable energy with solar charging.
    • AC Wall Outlet: Conveniently charge at home or indoors.
    • Car Charge: Stay powered on the go with car charging.


Industry-Leading Outputs

  • AC and 45W PD USB-C Power Port: Enjoy high-quality outputs for a variety of devices, ensuring efficient charging for your gadgets.


Smart Features for Optimal Performance

  • MPPT Built-In: Maximize solar charging efficiency with the built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking technology.
  • Intelligent Cooling System: Keep the power station cool during operation for optimal performance.
  • Ultra-Safe Lithium Battery: Trust in the safety and reliability of the lithium battery.


Built-in LED Lantern with SOS Function

  • LED Lantern: Illuminate your surroundings with the built-in LED lantern for added convenience.
  • SOS Function: Stay prepared for emergencies with the SOS function.


Experience the convenience and reliability of the BLUETTI AC50S – your go-to portable power station for all your needs.

  • Regulated 12V DC Output
  • 3 Charge Methods(Solar Panel,AC Wall Outlet,Car Charge)
  • Industry-leading Outputs(AC and 45W PD USB-C Power port)
  • MPPT Built-In
  • Intelligent Cooling System
  • Ultra-safe Lithium Battery
  • LED Lantern+SOS function

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