How to get power outdoors with EcoFlow DELTA Max

I am looking for a Power station that will make my life outdoor an easier place.

Just take it with you and you have power to all your electrical devices.

There is a lot of different brands and they have different specifications so I am documenting them here. 

The things I’m looking for is, has it got enough power for the things I need, how can I charge it and how long does it take to get the power station back to full charge. The battery has to have enough power so I can stay outdoors without having to worry about if its going to ran out
EcoFlow DELTA Max

What to bring with you:

Coffee maker


10 min




3 min


Air fryer


20 min


Laptop, charge 60W


180 min, 3h




1440 min, 24h


10 min / 60 = 0,166 * 1000 = 166Wh
3  min / 60 = 0,05 * 1500 = 75Wh
20 min / 60 = 0,333 * 1800 =599Wh
180 min / 60 = 3 * 60 = 180Wh


A refrigerator use power when it works its way down in temperature, when it has come down in temperature it turns off the compressor. My fridge is using about 5 amps when it is running at first but when it is down at the right temperature it stops and only kicks in now and then. It only works to maintain the temperature that is set. Depending on how much I have in the fridge, the time to get down in temperature takes about 15 minutes. You can use an ice clamp to help it drop in temperature to save power. My fridge uses this formula to calculate what power it draws per day. 

Formula: Current draw x average running time* (48 W: 12 V = approx. 3.75 A)
Example: 3,75 A x 22 % (22% of the time) 10W
Amperage: ‹ 1 Ah / h, ‹ 24 Ah / day

And this is how I believe my fridge is running so the formula is correct.

EcoFlow DELTA Max Picnic


  • Capacity

  • Extra Battery
    Support up to two DELTA Max Smart Extra Battery/Smart Generator

  • AC Output
    6 outlets, 2400W total (Surge 5000W)
    Max Device(s) Power Supported by X-Boost

  • USB-A Output
    2 ports, 5V, 2.4A, 12W Max per port

  • USB-A Fast Charge
    2 ports, 5V, 2.4A / 9V, 2A / 12V, 1.5A, 18W Max per port

  • USB-C Output
    2 ports, 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W Max per port

  • Car Power Output
    12.6V, 10A, 126W Max

  • DC5521 Output
    2 ports, 12.6V, 3A, 38W Max per port
  • AC Charging Input
    1800W Max, 15A

  • Solar Charging Input
    800W Max, 11-100V, 10A

  • Car Charging Input
    Support 12V/24V battery, 8A

  • Battery Chemistry

  • Cycle Life
    800 cycles to 80% capacity

  • Shelf Life
    1 year (after a full charge)

  • Connection

  • Net Weight
    Approx. 48lbs

  • Dimension
    19.6*9.5*12 in 

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