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How to get power outdoors with BLUETTI AC200MAX



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BLUETTI AC200MAX The first modular, expandable BLUETTI power station.

Packed with an astonishing 2048Wh ultra-durable LFP cells and a 2,200W full power pure sine wave inverter, the AC200MAX can be your mobile recharge center off-the-grid or on the way.

I am looking for a Power station that will make my life outdoor an easier place.

Just take it with you and you have power to all your electrical devices.

There is a lot of different brands and they have different specifications so I am documenting them here. 

The things I’m looking for is, has it got enough power for the things I need, how can I charge it and how long does it take to get the power station back to full charge. The battery has to have enough power so I can stay outdoors without having to worry about if its going to ran out

This portable power station BLUETTI AC200MAX offers a huge capacity of 2000Wh.

*Capacity: 2048Wh for AC200MAX. LFP Battery with life cycle 3500+ to 80%.

*Expandable w/ up to 2 battery modules.

*Up to 6,144Wh with 2×B230’s, or 8,192Wh with 2×B300’s

*2,200W pure sine wave AC inverter, Surge 4800W.

*Up to 900W solar input rate and 500W adapter input, 1400W in total.

*Smart App remote control & monitor.


It has a massive capacity 2000Wh Power Station with high AC inverter load continuous 2000W, Surge 4800W.

They are specially designed for High-Power devices such as Electric grills, Window air conditioners, Drill, Kettle, Coffee makers, and so much more.
Built-In LiFePo4 Battery Cell, Safety & Quality Are Top Priority. 3500+ Super Long Life Cycle, Higher Discharge Rate.

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