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Installing switches to your doors on your RV so you know they are properly closed

The doors to the storage compartment on my dads RV has  locks that are not reliable and I’m asked to do something to make sure they are closed properly.

My plan is to install switches to the doors and connect a light that indicates that the doors are closed 

ME8108 Adjustable Rotary Roller Lever Limit Switch

They sell in 5-pack as well

ME8108 Adjustable Rotary Roller Lever Limit Switch (5-pack)

These lamps may serve as indicator light

18mm 3W 1*LED 100LM 585nm Eagle Eye Yellow LED Light for Car (Pair)

And this will do the work

  • Relay version: 12V 
  • Trigger current: 5mA
  • Load: DC 30V/10A; AC 250V/10A
  • Using SMD optocoupler isolation
  • Can be high or low by a jumper setting trigger
  • With 4 installation holes: 3.1mm hole diameter, 44.5*20.5mm pitch
  • Module interface: 
    • DC+: Positive power supply(VCC)
    • DC-: Negative power supply(GND)
    • IN: Can be high or low level control
  • Output: NO, COM, NC
  • LED indicator: 
    • Green — Power supply
    • Red — Relay status
1-Channel 12V High/Low Level Relay Module

I will connect a 2 wire cable to every switch and gather them at the point were I’m going to install the relay.

Then connect them in series and connect them to the input.

I will connect the lamps to 12v and then to the output of the relay and then to ground.

The lights will be connect when the ignition is on and will turn off when the doors are closed.

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