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Juntek Wireless shunt Voltmeter

Ampmeter Voltage Current Gauge DC 0~100V -200A~ +200A Watt Power Capacity Color LCD Meter

This was the first thing I bought to my boat and it’s must for me now.

I check it when I start the engine and to make sure the alternator is working and when I turn the engine of I’m sure nothing is draining my battery.

Nice to have things running and know how much Amp everything is taking from the battery.

Another plus is the display, it works with a micro USB cable and connects wireless to the shunt. That means that you can have the display in the cabin, at the helm or with you connected to a power bank.

For about 3 years ago I bought a boat and that’s when the problem started. It was equipped with two batteries in Parallel and both of them needed to change.

But there was more, sometimes the alternator was screaming and I didn’t know why. That’s when I found this shunt and installed it myself.

What I could see was that when both batteries was connected the alternator was working for full and start screaming. Then I disconnected one of the batteries and the alternator start working fine and stopped screaming.

Then I bought two new batteries and now it’s working fine. But with new Knowledge about LiFePO4 batteries there was more to change for make that to work. Thats when I started to check out Victron and Renogy solution for two batteries, 1 start Battery and 1 leisure battery. But for now I have two lead acid batteries

Now I have full control of what’s going in and out of my batteries and I switch batteries with a main switch. you can use a switch for 2 batteries for easier installation and control

  • Wireless mode: The display can be used between the header and measurement modules wireless transmission of data, reducing the cumbersome wiring, but also to avoid errors caused by line losses furthest communication distance is 10 meters, you can also use standard USB cable for wired communication
  • Application: Battery wireless meter is suitable for use in electrical work process parameters voltage, current, watts, etc. to monitor, can also be used for solar power, wind power, electric car battery use
  • Measure physical quantities simultaneously: this multifunctional DC 120V 100A meter can measure DC voltage, current, power, charging capacity, time, and other physical quantities at the same time; can be directly used, no need shunt. With large number LCD display, you can read the data clearly and easily
  • Precise measurement: Voltage current meter is adopted 12bit ADC singlechip, can automatic calibration, providing accurate measurement. Digital multimeter can messure voltage range DC 0-100V, current range 0-200A, power range 0-200KW, capacity range 1%-99%, time range 0-99days, temperature range -20℃-120℃
  • Protection Function: LCD digital battery tester can be set overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, limit protection, works with equipped relay


Found the new variant on AliExpress

Juntek Wireless shuntVoltmeter Ammeter Voltage Current Gauge

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