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Portable vacuum cleaner

That feeling of a newly fresh clean car after a good cleaning…and then someone steps in with dirty shoes and there is dirt and gravel on the floor

Now you can vacuum that out right after you leave them and their dirty shoes!

How to keep your car clean and vacuum when you have the time.

With this you can do it when you are waiting or when you had an accident in the car and there is breadcrumbs all over.

Charge it with USB C in the car so it’s always ready

I have had this for a few months now and it is perfect for vacuuming drawers and cabinets in my house. It’s very good at getting to the spots a regular vacuum can’t reach.

The reason I bought it was for my car but now I have it with me in reach so I can grab it when ever I want. Or maybe I have to buy me one more…

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Handheld Vacuum 16000pa, Strong Powerful Mini Car Cleaner

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